Blog Status Update

This blog is closed to new content and has been for awhile, however I am keeping it active for now because my purpose in creating the blog was for it to be an educational resource for parents and teachers, and that purpose hasn’t changed. Though the posts are old, the content is still relative, and I hope that it can still be a source of information and ideas for helping children develop their literacy skills.

In the meantime, I have been busy with other projects, including doing some freelance work for an educational company, writing and editing a Middle Grade novel, and developing concepts for picture books. I’m also in the process of creating a new blog and an author website. My new blog (title TBA) will be coming soon, and will have a broader scope of context than this current literacy blog. Though it will still have an educational component, it will also cover other topics relating to mind, body, and spirit. Once the blog is up and active, I will link my literacymatterstoday blog with it and close its url site. All of the content on this blog will be found through a link on my new blog.

Thank you for following this site, and I hope that you continue to find helpful literacy resources and tips within its contents.


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