Summer Reading Fun

Kids work hard during the school year and make great strides in their learning. With over two months off during the summer though, it is common for students to lose some of their gain. Help your child maintain his or her reading progress this summer without sacrificing any fun by following some of these tips. Also included are some websites for summer reading fun ideas and recommended book lists.

1. Sign your child up for summer school or other fun learning classes this summer. Summer classes are more laid back and often more interest-based, but kids still learn while they have fun.

2. Visit the library often. Sign your child or your family up for library reading programs and receive fun incentives for reading.

3. Participate in an online or local book store reading program:


Book Adventure:,

Barnes and Noble:,

Borders Education World:

Half Price Books:

4. Visit museums, zoos, or other points of interest that provide learning opportunities. Encourage your child to read and discuss as much of the information as they can at the places you visit.

5. Provide reading opportunities at home. Students should continue setting aside time daily to read. You can also encourage reading through engaging activities such as cooking, shopping, or reading directions to make something. Be sure to ask your child questions about what they are reading to help with comprehension. Also read out loud to or with your child or encourage your child to read out loud to help build reading fluency.

6. Enrich travel experiences by finding reading opportunities. Kids can help by reading maps, road signs, or informational signs. You can also make a car or airplane ride go faster by playing games like travel bingo. Here is a sight with printable bingo cards:

Kids can also write about their travel experiences in a travel journal. Here are printable ones:



7. Read books that have been turned into movies. After reading the book, watch the movie and compare/contrast the two. Here is a great site with a comprehensive list of books turned into movies:

8. Summer is also a great time to introduce the classics, new fiction, or other quality children’s books to your child. Here are lists of recommended children’s books broken down by age, grade, or category:

By ages or categories:

By grade level:,

9. Try a new reading activity each day of the month by following this summer calendar,  put together by Just Read, Families (FL Dept. of Ed.):

10. Play reading games online. You can find many sites online with reading games. Here are a couple of good ones:

From Reading is Fundamental (Reading Planet):

From Scholastic:

Check out the links on my blog for more great reading websites and ideas.


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