Raising Readers, by Georgia Hogan, Guest Blogger

I’ve made approximately 24,098 mistakes in my 6-year career as a mother. I forgot to shut the baby gate once and my youngest tumbled down a flight of stairs, and I served a meal consisting entirely of applesauce, pickles and raisins. One thing I am sure that I have not flubbed, however, is raising readers. My kids love to read. (Technically, my three year old can’t read…yet). My kids devour books like Halloween candy. I’ll let you in on my secrets.

Here a book, there a book everywhere a book book. My husband, although highly supportive of raising literate children, does not necessarily appreciate removing books from our bed before sleeping. Curious George, Henry Huggins-I’ve slept with them all. There are books in my car, purse and spread out on my living room coffee table. Sure, it would be more vogue to have a nice art book or travel magazine but chances are my kids wouldn’t sit down and read those. So, “No David!” and “Fly Guy” it is. If you want to go to a fancy house, look up Sarah Jessica Parker.

But the sun isn’t down yet! While the neighborhood kids are racing down the sidewalk and playing tag, mine are in bed. My kids have very few toys in their room but tons of books. They also each have a lamp. It’s a little trap I’ve set and they’ve taken to it like mice to cheese.

Hey it’s better than underwear! My kids get books as presents. Christmas, Easter, birthdays and just because days. It sends the message that a book is a desirable thing to have.

Study Buddy. Whatever they are interested in, they get a book about it. My older son loves history. He proudly owns the book, “Tales of Famous Heroes.” Whenever he is learning about a famous person in school, we can look it up in his book and get some new information. He even has a reference section in his room.

If you don’t shape up, you’re books will be gone! The worst possible punishment for my kids is to lose their bedtime story or have books removed from their room. We started this young. If either of the kids has committed a crime and a tub of books is removed, they will cling to my leg screaming and crying as if they were being left at a gas station on a Lifetime movie.

Come here often? The librarians know my kids by name. We are regulars at our public library. My kids have access to almost any book they could want.

Screen time vs. book time. We strive to have more time in front of a book than a screen. This is not always easy, say during the blizzard of 2011 or when anyone is sick, but the boys do not have unrestricted access to video games, hand-held devices or computers. These things are privileges and generally reserved for weekends.

Those are my trade secrets for turning two rough and tumble, rock and roll loving, very loud boys into kids who also love to read.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Princess
    May 22, 2011 @ 22:34:36

    I love your blog post! You sound like a great mom, and keep the books coming!


  2. Sonia Rosado
    May 23, 2011 @ 16:06:24

    Hi Mrs Hogan:
    I laugh and cry with this blog. I’m glad tha as a studen of EDU 333 have the opportunity to read this amazing blg.
    I too share the same. My house is filled with books. I like my children in the classroom to know about the author and the illustrator. I love Tomie de Paola, Earl Carlie, Tom Arnorld, Mo Willems, and ofcourse Dr. Seuss. They bring life to the stories and ther illustartions are amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us. I know I enjoyed whole lot.


  3. Georgia Hogan
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 19:10:55

    Mo Willems is a favorite of mine too. My older son was delighted when he could recognize words and begin to “read.” Even though he’s moved on to chapter books, he still enjoys them. Elephant and Piggie are hilarious! Thanks for posting, ladies!


  4. Freda Noble
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 17:44:32

    Great Blog Georgia! Hilarious and so true.


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