Online Learning Fun

There are so many great sites today providing free online resources, activities, and fun games for kids to help build essential learning skills.  Many of these sites also provide valuable ideas and resources for parents and teachers. Whether you are looking for fun, educational games for children to play, online stories for them to read, videos for them to watch, help for a child practicing a specific skill, or an online museum for children to get lost in learning, there is a site for just about every age and need. Even the youngest of kids can tap away on the computer keys and be awed by games of peek-a-boo in sites geared for babies. And while children are having fun learning, they are also building computer literacy, an important skill in today’s world.

Check out the links section of this blog for dozens of great sites sure to entertain your children and help them learn. You can hover over the site names with your cursor to see a description of each site. Listed below are just some of the educational sites you can find online (see the links section for these and more great sites). I’ve organized the sites below into approximate age categories, but please note that many of the sites extend beyond one age group. Also, many of the sites have a resource section for parents and teachers.


Knee Bouncers – – Games for babies and toddlers to enjoy while they tap any keys on your keyboard

Fisher Price Online – – Learning games and activities that grow with your child


Starfall – – Helps pre-readers build phonics and phonemic awareness skills

Bembo’s Zoo – – Fun for kids learning their letters, this site turns each letter into an animal starting with that letter

Between the Lions – – Games, stories, and video clips for beginning readers, based on the PBS show

Super Why – – Games, rock and read songs, videos, etc. to help develop literacy skills, based on the PBS show

Nicky’s Nursery Rhymes – – Games and printables to practice numbers, letters, sounds, shapes, writing and other pre-K skills


Roy the Zebra – – Interactive reading games, guided reading stories, literacy worksheets for kids in K-3 to practice reading skills

Kids Reads – – Book recommendations, reviews, trivia, and word searches based on popular kids’ books

Scholastic – – Games, videos, book clubs, and more

Time For Kids – – Games, news, worksheets, quizzes, graphic organizers, homework help, etc.

National Geographic Kids – – Stories, games, videos, activities, kids’ blogs, etc.

Middle School/High School:

Exploratorium – – Online museum with pages of information and activities covering hundreds of science and art topics

My Hero – – Online educational project where students can share stories, art and short films honoring those heroes who have made a difference in our world


Into the Book – – Tools for helping students learn to use reading strategies

Reading Rockets – – Resources to help those who work with developing readers and struggling readers

The Reading Lady – – Great site for teachers to find ready to go literacy units, information about reading and writing, and learning with other teachers


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